An honest music that goes straight to the heart. Domingo J. Sanchez will make you relive feelings that we all felt, emotional moments that teach us what it’s to live, what is the meaning of life. A Music that will touch you and make you realized that the most important things in life … are not things.

“A trip through the world of feelings, emotions, sensations… A trip to the encounter with oneself.”

Domingo J. Sánchez | DEEP EMOTIONS | TAKE BACH





DOMINGO J SANCHEZ, pianist, composer, producer and music’s arranger, began playing the piano at age 3 making his first compositions (sonata No. 1 preludes and piano’s studies) at 8 and 9 years old. He obtained his Degree in Piano, Composition and Music Theory, is currently teaching at the School of Singing in Madrid as teacher of Analysis, Harmony and Composition.


He has been teached in Classical Music. He began deep into the world of experimental contemporary music from the hand of Don Manuel Seco de Arpe, Teacher of Composition at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, graduating with Honors and obtaining the Awards prize of the Intermediate and Superior Studies. At age 22 he joined the National Repertory of Young Composers of the Juan March Foundation. His works (“Textures”, “Meditations”, …) were broadcast on National Radio Classic, and debuted in various auditoriums and theaters along the Spanish geography. However, since the age of 15, he had led a parallel music way, playing in several Bands of rock, pop, soul, funk, blues, and jazz music. At the age of 18, he had already played in various jazz and blues festivals, beginning to show interest in this music language, while he alternated his artistic work with teaching as piano’s and harmony’s teacher.


In year 2000, he came to Madrid where he worked for six years writing songs for pop artists, collaborating with the music’s producer, Carlos Quintero. There were more than 200 songs, including musical compositions and arrangements for Sony, Universal, etc. In year 2003, he went to Bratislava to oversee the recording of several orchestrations made by him on different Records interpreted by the prestigious Symphony Orchestra of that city. At the same time he delved into the audiovisual composing music for theater plays such as “Amrita”, “Dolly” (production of Eduardo Aldan), etc.

He also composed advertising music for TV and the soundtrack of the movie “Red Intense” directed by Javier Elorrieta, in 2007, recorded with the Symphony Orchestra of the Madrid Royal Conservatory, where he worked for five years as Teacher of Analysis music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

In the meanwhile, he did not quit playing jazz and in 2006, he became the pianist head of the National Jazz Orchestra of Spain, playing and recording with musicians such RANDY BRECKER, PAQUITO D’RIVERA, JERRY GONZALEZ, ALAÍN PÉREZ, JORGE PARDO, RENÉ TOLEDO, etc. At the end of 2009, he joined Larry Martin Band. In 2009 he premiered as a producer with a Record of French classics jazz versions (where also plays the piano), with great artists like Jacques Brel, Gilbert Becaud, etc.

He continues in 2010 with his role as producer, into the world of flamenco jazz, performing the second work of ABDÓN ALCARAZ, “Reikiavik”, a big production with guest musicians like JORGE PARDO, JAVIER HILL, MANUEL CUEVAS, winning the FIRST CRITICAL NATIONAL AWARD OF FLAMENCO “FLAMENCO HOY” BEST INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM 2010.

In 2013 he won the FOURTH PLACE in the prestigious VIÑA DEL MAR FESTIVAL, as a composer with the song: “ANTE EL DOLOR”, sharing responsibility with WILLIAM LUQUE. Song performed by FRANCISCO LEON.

In the same year he also won the First Prize in the SONG FESTIVAL OF GIBRALTAR, with the song: “NUNCA ME ENSEÑASTE” sharing again authorship with renowned composer WILLIAM LUQUE. Song performed by the Murcian XANDRO LEIMA.

He produced the second work of JAVIER ELORRIETA: “BOHEME” and his latest work so far: “TEMPS D’AIMER”.

In the Jazz’s world, he has just created: ARLEQUIN JAZZ PROJECT, a trio formed also by Pedro Navarro playing the drums and Loque playing the bass. It is named in honor of legendary and disappeared jazz bar in Cartagena: Arlequin.

And finally he was a finalist at the gala to select the song that will represent Spain in Eurovision 2014 contest. The song is called “SEGUIR SIN TI”, sharing authored with William Luque and wonderfully performed by “RAUL”

In year 2015 he launch his alone musical project ” Domingo J Sanchez ” with his first self-produced album “Deep Emotions”. With the piano as transmitting emotions tool composes and produces an honest music that goes straight to the heart. Music that moves and makes us feel that the most important things in life are not things, a trip to the encounter with oneself.

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DEEP EMOTIONS (NEW ALBUM) – Next 18th December 2015



Domingo J. Sanchez presents his new self-released album Deep Emotions, a wonderful album of twelve songs on piano composed under the impulse of his emotional inspiration. Take Bach and Bujaraiza are his first two singles that give us the principle of feeling like value on those things.

The new album Domingo J. Sanchez “DEEP EMOTIONS” will be available for sale and download online next December 18TH  2015.

You can participate in the creation of this album via your opinion and your vote in the blog “With My Piano”.

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Title : Take Bach  Album: no disponible  Date: dic. de 2014 Duration: 3’54”   Author: Domingo J. Sánchez


Title: Bujaraiza  Album: no disponible  Date: enero de 2006 Duration: 2’47”   Author: Domingo J. Sánchez


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