Deep Emotions: the result of a lifetime

My latest work, Deep Emotions, is the result of adding up the experience from my four areas of professional expertise: pianist, composer, teacher and producer.

My experience as a pianist has provided me with the technical skills, indispensable to tackle this professional musical project, which I have given my name to: Domingo J. Sánchez. Also, from an introspective point of view, it has been through the piano that I have come to realise how emotion can be channeled and directed wherever you want. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that sometimes technical ability is acquired through the study of challenging virtuoso pieces and yet one can end up composing music that says a lot with very little. Less is more…

Composition, which has been my companion from the age of 8, means everything in my life. Having the capacity to crystallize emotions through the powerful weapon that is composition is a great honor and a privilege. Every time I finish a piece. I feel that the whole existence is perfect. Composing is a healing process, a liberation that transforms revealed energy into something as sublime as music.

My 26 years of teaching experience have provided me, firstly,  with a vast musical knowledge and, what’s more, a great dose of understanding, tolerance and empathy towards human beings. Regarding musical knowledge, transmitting it to my students has made me question the way I learned, and also perfect it and make it broader in order to achieve better results. Moreover, understanding my student’s needs, not just academic but psychological, has given me a much more human dimension. That quality has made me understand that, the way I see it, music should address people’s emotional needs, among others, and create a bond by means of empathy, taking human experiences as a foundation.


As of my musical producer side, I must say that it has been thanks to this activity that I have been able to complete my training in the musical profession. Being a producer helps develop a broader vision, not only of music but also of the audiences’ demands. What I’m about to say may sound absurd but it is still commonplace to ignore it: a product cannot be created without taking into account what the public demands. The lack of communication and empathy with the audience is responsible for the failure of countless musical projects.

And lastly, alongside the four activities I have already mentioned, I must include one that I find extremely exciting and motivating: my new entrepreneur side. Indeed, I decided to undertake a business project and bet at something I firmly believe in: myself. I believe in my music and in my vision of the recording industry. For better or worse, I am the master of my choices, both good and bad. With the humility of someone who’s eager to learn, I will get better and setting the pace for my project, Domingo J. Sánchez


Deep emotions is the name of my first álbum, which will be followed by many more, always in accordance with my profesional and personal principles.

Deep emotions  arrives at the perfect time, at the time it was meant to; in a moment I feel mature as a musician, as a person…

Deep emotions is now at its commercialization stage; record sales, getting concert contracts, promotion, performance and staging of my work for the audience.

It is the time to enjoy the work of the last two years alongside the people willing to share with me some of their time, either attending my concerts, listening to my music after buying the CD on physical or online format…

With you…Deep emotions.


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